VINDAB - Ayurvedic Diabetes Management (90 Capsules)

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VINDAB is time tested Ayurvedic formulation made with Purest and rarest herbs. Herbs used in VINDAB are collected in its purest form at its best natural maturity of age So that active ingredient in herbs are at its best. VINDAB is a formulated in the way all herbs work in a sun energetic way as to deliver their best performance. REGULAR USE OF VINDAB: Reduces dependence on external insulinOffers great relief to those on in-sulinReduces in-sulin resistancePromotes Pancreas to Produce more in-sulin.   VINDAB not only promotes insulin production it promotes utilization of insulin by reducing insulin resistance.   Slowly...
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Functional Benefits

Support normal blood sugar

Improves vitality and energy

Reduces the risk of kidney dysfunction in diabetics



Amla Dry (Emblica officinalis)

TVAK (Cinnamium zeylanicum)

Gudchi Stem (Tenospora cordifolia)

Svarnakshiri (Argemone mexicana)


How to Use

Morning One capsule 10-15 minutes before breakfas
Afternoon one capsule 10-15 minutes before lunch
Night one capsule 10-15 minutes before dinne
Do sugar testing regularly after taking VINDAB
Speak to Health Expert
09515150999 (8AM to 8PM)

Health Tips

Avoid Smoking
maintain Healthy weight, Aviod cold drinks, Ice creams and stale food
Do Yoga Regularly
Avoid Alcohol

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