Enjon - Natural Vigour & Vitality for Men

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ENJON is a New class high-end Ayurvedic Herbal formulation made with rare and pure herbs and Herbal Extracts. All ingredients in Enjon are procured in its purest form. All Ingredients in ENJON are time tested for their performance and all Ingredients are processed in age Old Shastric methods. So as results are very stable and long-lasting. Enjon Is Natural Rejuvenator and Improves Natural Vigour and Vitality.
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Functional Benefits

Boosts Energy Levels.

Increases Strength, Endurance.

Works at body gross root level to Increasing stamina & Power

Prevents problems related to ageing.

Enhances Happy mood.

Better Sleep



Safed musli (Asparagus adsendens)

Safed musli is a rare herb and It is used in Indian traditional systems of medicine Ayurveda. It is traditionally used for boosting vitality, improving sexual performance.

Asvaagandha (Withaniasomnifera dunal)

Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda and It has been used for over 3,000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration.

Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentine)

Sarpagandha has been known for its several medicinal value and has several health benefits, such as reduces high blood pressure, insomnia and controls dysentery.

Gudchi Stem (Tinosporacordifolia)

Guduchi is mainly used in Ayurvedic traditions and its roots, stems, and leaves have all been used medically for thousands of years. Guduchi mainly use to increases the body's resistance to stress & anxiety.


How to Use

Morning 1 Capsule after breakfast
Night 1 Capsule before bed
with warm water or milk
Keep reach out of children
Do not use if seal is broken
Speak to Health Expert
06389286609 (8AM - 8PM)

Health Tips

Do Daily Walking
Drink Green Tea
Sleep Early
Avoid Alcohol

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  • How long it should take

    In 30 to 45 days you can see results and Ayurvedic Doctors recommend to use at least 3 months for long-term results.