About us

AYUSHVEDA INNOVATION is an Ayurvedic & Herbal products manufacturing and marketing company. Our products include Medicines, Cosmetics and Health Supplements that are authentically manufactured in-house through intense research. They are brought out into the market after careful and methodical testing.


All our products are available on our online portal www.ayushveda.online, where they can be purchased. We also offer online medical assistance where you may consult a Vaidya (Doctor). You could call or send in a written query through email. You may also contact our customer care cell and make enquiries regarding the product or seek assistance for the purchase procedure.

Our team of full-fledged research and development scientists strive to develop and standardise herbal technologies, upgrade existing medicines and constantly improve and innovate. All the ingredients for our products are natural and are sourced from our parent company. We are also in partnership with Ayurvedic doctors, Vedic scholars and herbal healers to offer the best there is possible in the field of Ayurveda.

In Sanskrit, the millennia-old language of India, Ayushmeans life and Veda means Knowledge. The company Ayushveda is thus named because it is committed to bringing out Ayurvedic medicines, supplements and cosmetics that will help us live a long life to the fullest, without disease, by maintaining or restoring health.

Ayurveda is itself an ancient form of medicine that evolved in the Indian subcontinent nearly five thousand years ago. It is a form of medicine that propagates a healthy and balanced life. We at Ayushveda believe in the holistic healthcare that Ayurveda propagates. We aim to bring about medical and wellness aids by combining the knowledge drawn from the age-old traditional wisdom and the goodness of modern science and make it widely accessible through our online portal.

A healthy body and a healthy mind lead to a happy life. Ayurveda helps maintain the health of the healthy and heal the disease of the sick. Have a happy and healthy life.

 - Team Ayushveda